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Shiomi Akira Sensei on Seisan Kata

Translated directly from the Japanese, I love this version for its colour.

DOB March 25, 1934


Started studying Goju-ryu Karate.


Graduated from Ritsumeikan Univ.


Acquired the grade Goju-kai 8th Dan and the title Hanshi


Acquired the grade JKF 8th Dan


Became a boardman of JKF.


Assume a Director of JKF.

Actively serves as Goju-kai Deputy Chief of Board of Directors, a member of Central Examination Committee and a Chief of Instruction Committee, and JKF First Grade Examiner and Kata Special Coach.

Seisan Kata

Point 1 Circles are drawn nearby

Many combinations are contained in Seisan. Each of techniques has a deep background. By studying Bunkai, you have to deepen an understanding. Don’t stretch an arm completely

in Tsuki. If the bone of an elbow becomes downward, Power of latissimus dorsi muscle can be used.

Point 2 The body is not incline in Keri

All the orbits of Shotei-Ate should follow the same orbit. Since this technique used in close distance, don’t stretch arms.

A palm begins to draw a circle from the position of Suigetsu. A palm moves by the motion by which an elbow approaches Suigetsu.

In Seisan, Kansetsu- Geri is used 4 times. The body must not incline before and after a motion of Keri. Don’t incline the body at the moment of Keri. Always keep the body straight.

The same circular orbit is drawn 3 times

Obscure a fulcrum. Let’s experience it. By raising the your leg, your fulcrum is obscured. Therefore, you can lift opponent easily. Since your fulcrum and the center of gravity became ambiguous, opponent was not able to respond.

Point 3 Fingertips are not hardened

Quickly bend the right leg backward, touching the heel to the hip. And, quickly turn up both palms. Don’t harden fingertips at this time. And room is given between fingers. The small fish can perform a quick and delicate motion. By not hardening fingertips, the same motion as this is possible. If fingertips are hardened, such a quick and delicate motion cannot be performed.

Point 4 A fulcrum is obscured

Before Hari-Zuki, quickly bend the right leg backward, touching the heel to the hip. Why does it use such a motion?

It is for obscuring a fulcrum.The opponent predicts your motion. The opponent can not react to your motion, when you obscure your fulcrum.

Your left hand makes Hikite, coiling around a opponent’s arm. Kake-Uke is used by the right hand. Next, a spiral is drawn at the front of a face by your right hand, and a fist is made for attack to the throat.

Point 5 Osae-Uke, Ura-Kake-Uke, and attack to the throat

About stance (Tachi-kata)

There are four criteria in Tachi-kata.

1. Position of the foot

2. The direction of the toe

3. Center of gravity

4. How to bend the knee

Be careful of these main points.

Point 6 Combination in close combat

Understand these combination techniques by Bunkai. Always assume the distance of you and opponent.

Practice by the slow motion for studying the highest Kata

Having been the most impressive in instruction by Shiomi sensei was practicing by slow motion. He is thinking practicing Kata by slow motion as important. When studying Kata of Goju, it is important to interlock each portion of the body like the gear. When one gear moves, other gears move. When the gears continues moving, each cooperates and the whole body moves. Even if it is a freezeframe in Kata, the gears are moving in the inside of the body. Even when the minute hand of a clock does not move, the gear is continuing moving by an inside. The flow of Kata does not break off by not stopping motions of the gears. The purposes practiced in slow motion are not only order of motions, and the check of form. Of course, compromise is bad for pursuit of correctness. However, the purpose practiced by slow motion is to study linkage of the gear. Shiomi sensei said, “Dynamic energy will be given off if the orbit of the right motion is made.“

The practice by slow motion is a first step for studying the highest Kata.

It is the real thrill of Goju to express Nebari by short motion

Traditional exercise and training of Goju was instructed

at the beginning of this seminar. These exercise and training require the motion accompanied by Nebari. Inhaling and exhaling of breath is important, but, inhaling and exhaling of power is also important. Experts’ motion has controlled power skillfully by linkage of the gear.

And they are using the power effectively in suitable timing. Express Nebari by flexible circular motion and short motion. I thought that it was the real thrill of Goju.

At the time of a break, Shiomi sensei was pointing so that the slippers for toilet might be arranged. This is manners of those who study Budo. This has the meaning which can respond to a sudden happening.

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