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Hoshindo Karate is an open club. We strive to help people become the best they can be. Different people want different things from their training; Adults want fitness and to be able to dedicate themselves to something new, Parents want discipline and confidence for their kids, the kids just want to have some fun. Teaching karate is a fine line between all of these things and balancing the traditional nature of our club.

Its the experience which makes the difference!


We welcome students from 7 to 95 years of age.

Classes are built so that you can train with your kids if you want to.


Hoshindo has a yearly membership fee sand insurance payment

  1. Membership fees

    1.  Joining fee $80 - includes uniform

  2. Ongoing insurance fees

    1. Adults $50 per year

    2. $30 Children

Training Fees

1. We have monthly fees for all students paid monthly 

                  Adults $95 per month 

                  Under 16 yrs $75 per month

 2. Nightly fee -$20  or 10 class pack for $160 (speak to your sensei for details)

3. Grading fee is $40 for kyu grades, plus the belt ($8) 

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